Tips to Take Independence Day to a New Level and Work from Home All Week

Any one-day holiday that lands right in the middle of the work week is bound to be a major bust. Forget about enjoying a consequence-free late night with friends and family, instead prepare to set that 6:30 A.M. alarm. To put it bluntly, Wednesday is the worst possible day for a holiday to land on.

But it doesn’t have to be.

For those unlucky souls who aren’t able to soften the blow by taking paid time off, we’ve created the next best solution. In the spirit of this special holiday, tell your boss you’d like just a touch more independence this year and work from home the week of the Fourth of July.

We’re supporting your crusade for independence with our free unified communication solution, U, which offers ultra-streamlined, real-time group meeting participation, as well as the only discussion, presentation and project management software that’s laser-focused on remote team-working.

If you want to wake up on July 5th with the freedom to complete your work from home, here are five quick-tips for flying through your first day of remote working with incredible ease, enjoyment, and productivity.

Dress for Success to Keep a Productive Frame of Mind

Although it may be tempting to stay in your bathrobe all day, you’ll want to firmly establish remote working practices that closely align with your office habits.

Keeping up with similar habits, like how you dress, will keep you productive from the comfort of your couch. We’re not saying you need to walk around your own home in a three-piece suit, but if you’d be raising eyebrows from other colleagues in anything less than a smart shirt and trousers, we’d advise to dress within reason. Remember, a video-call can pop-up at any time, and if you’re using U Meeting, this could potentially include up to 100 participants.

In other words, that’s 100 people who don’t need to know what you look like in your bathrobe.

Plan Your Day as You Would in the Office

There’s flexibility with working from home – that’s the point. In the time you save not commuting to work you can easily get a head start on any task, putting you firmly in front of the day. With this early advantage, you will be able to organize yourself for the day ahead by creating your daily schedule to keep yourself on track. Keep the plan as uniform as possible and send it along to your co-workers so they know the best times to call or message you.

Create a Clutter-Free Workspace

A lot of people love to work remotely at a coffee-shop because apart from an endless supply of caffeine and free wi-fi, most coffee shops have a slick, clean and clutter-free ambiance. This setting continually refreshes and relaxes the mind, helping you stay focused and productive longer. Finding your perfect remote work area might take some trial and error, but wherever you find your workstation for the day, make sure it’s a de-stressing environment. Not all of us have access to a perfect home-office space, but fortunately you don’t even need one. U’s comprehensive range of features, including a ton of dedicated cloud storage and extensive organizational admin tools, can take care of all the sorting and storing without having to completely dedicate a room in your home to work materials.

Utilize Unique Features from U Messenger

U Messenger, just one part of the entire U package, is the most focused business messenger on the market right now and has some really unique features.

Even the most basic instant messengers streamline communications and prompt hasty responses – but for remote workers this simply isn’t enough. Teams are often on business trips working in multiple time-zones meaning most IMs are streamlined, but completely inflexible for international conversations. Nobody wants to have to send or receive a slew of messages at 3 am. U Messenger features a unique “delay sending” feature, allowing users to set the most appropriate time to send a message.

If your team happens to be working across time-zones, simply set your message to send for a time that is appropriate for them to receive it. We do this to help you avoid the pain that comes from waking up your boss in the middle of the night.

Make Sure to Take Breaks to Keep Productivity High

Research has shown taking regular breaks helps maintain minimal stress levels, boost creativity, build strong focus muscles and regulate emotions. Working remotely allows you the greatest amount of autonomy over when, how, how long, and where to take your well-earned breaks.

Remote workers accomplish more completed tasks is less time, whilst clocking more hours overall due to working through times others spend commuting and lunching. Now, this is all pointing towards a key discussion point: could the reasons for the higher productivity of remote workers be at least in part due to the ability to have complete control over breaks?

We certainly think so.