Why Remote Working Software Can Improve Employee Productivity

These days, companies are hiring and transitioning their employees to remote positions all the time. And those that do are finding those employees to be happier and more productive. Advanced remote working software empowers collaboration on a greater scale than ever before.

This is why remote working can improve the productivity of your employees.

More Work is Done Outside of Standard Business Hours

Due to the flexible nature of remote working, employees and freelancers have the ability to work a much more tailored schedule. It has been found that remote workers end up working longer hours than their office colleagues due to the amount of time they spend working pre- and post-business hours.

As an example, remote workers with the right software don’t have to commute to and from work – so they can easily start their day 1-2 hours earlier than commuters. But that’s not all, a flexible work schedule boosts the chances of remote workers tidying up, finalizing and finishing outstanding work long after their desk-bound colleagues have left the office. Why? Remote working makes for more committed and loyal employees.

Remote Workers are Happier & Healthier

Congratulations, if you work from home, you’re probably much happier – but you already knew that! Having the flexibility to balance personal commitments alongside work naturally make for happier workers. Asking your boss every time you wish to take the smallest amount of time outside a dogmatic schedule makes the office feel less like a workplace, and more like adult day care. And using remote working software to collaborate gives employees more control over how they approach their work.

Work is a huge part of life, but it isn’t the only part. And guess what? It seems the boost in happiness that remote workers feel is making for healthier individuals – remote workers barely log any sick days. The ability to partake in light exercise whenever and wherever, having access to their own kitchen, along with the ability to schedule their place of work creates a healthier, distraction-free environment.

Working Remotely Means Unlimited, Distraction-Free Work Spaces

Remote workers don’t have to deal with loud co-workers, office temperature wars, ringing phones and the plethora of other negative stimuli that can instantly destroy focus and potentially lead to conflict. Remote working software is much easier to manage by comparison.

The entire point of remote working is having the flexibility to choose from a multitude of environments that work for you. If home is getting a little dull, go to a coffee shop. If the coffee shop is too noisy that day, go back home. Remote workers don’t have to put up with a constant barrage of petty annoyances outside their control, unlike office workers who have to grin and bear it all day, almost every day of their lives. This huge severance of distractions alone is evidence enough for the slashed attrition rates of remote workers. With lower rates of attrition and lower rates of new hires requiring training, productivity can be more accurately measured amongst core workers.

Even though remote working is on the rise, one of the main sticking points that still hinder a team from reaping the benefits of a remote workforce is managers themselves.  It has been found that managers need to adapt their skill set to effectively manage a remote workforce. Failing to do this now will have negative consequences for companies in the future. It exposes both the limited skillset of managers and their inability to harness technology progressing the working day into a streamlined, flexible arrangement. In order to do this, everyone needs to have the tools that improve team communication remotely.

Enhance your Office Productivity with Remote Working Software

Whether your team is looking to take their first steps into embracing the remote working culture or you are already part of a fully established team, getting premium, precision made tools for team-collaboration is exactly what you need.

Have a look at U Messenger, U Meeting & U Webinar and see how collaborating over remote working software can make your employees happier and more productive working from where they want.

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