Why Instant Messaging Is Critical For Skyrocketing Business Productivity

Let’s get straight to the point – E-mail has its place in business, but it’s flawed, and the main flaw really comes down to one thing – time. E-mail is enormously time consuming & doesn’t seem the logical choice as an internal tool for business communication when over 80% of a working day consists of simple tasks that require real-time communication & instant attention.

In fact, did you know the average office worker receives 121 emails a day and in order to keep up with the enormous, constant influx of e-mails, that same worker would need to reply to 15 emails per hour. Who has time for that? And let’s not even get started that only a third of e-mails sent are ever opened, with the other two thirds eating up huge amounts of employee productivity as they spend their time deleting, cleaning-up and re-arranging their inbox.

Clearly something isn’t working. For most tasks then, e-mail seems counterproductive at best and perhaps illogical at worst. So the next step is bridging that gap and finding the service that will quite simply – let you get what you need to get done in the quickest time and with the least effort.

This solution comes in the form of Instant Messenger (IM). We know it’s a revolutionary tool for the way we interact and stay in contact with friends & family, so isn’t it time we started re-thinking its uses for business? After all, the real-time aspect of IM for business means instant responses, allowing for deeper, longer & more in-depth communication. It means the ability to share files with teams and get feedback instantly, it means interacting with built-in group forums for great spikes in team & project productivity. It means the ability to set up video conference with one click so remote employees are never left out of the loop.

Thing is, just as you wouldn’t use a road bike on a mountain, you can’t just use any IM service for business not specifically designed for business.  U Messenger has taken all the very best things that personal IM services offer and added a ton more features with sole intent to boost you, your team & your business’s productivity, engagement and even morale.

Here’s how:

Creating a Chat Group for Your Project or Your Team

Creating team chats is a great way to work on a project with your teammates and to allow users to communicate with multiple teammates at the same time. Yet, for today’s business applications, simple text chat is not always enough. Don’t fight it – we’re all riding that emoticon train. Why? Because having a full, immersive range of emoticons has been found to relieve work stress, create closer bonds between employees & help the team get through the more difficult days in the office.

Recall Messages and Focus Your Group Chat Replies.

Let’s say you have multiple people in a chat room, using other services, you might run into a few problems. Like, we’ve all sent the wrong message to the wrong person, or group of people. Or a slightly embarrassing typo. Whilst with most services (and certainly through e-mail) you can never take that back, and are forever left red faced, with U Messenger you can recall that message and relax.

Not only this but also with U Messenger, you can easily create multiple chat groups to chat and discuss different ideas via handy text or business-focused stickers. Furthermore, you can reply a specific question in each chat room.

Build a Library of Share Files with Your Team

Have you ever had problem locating a single file in your mailbox? Or how about the time wasted on sharing a large file via e-mail to more than 1 recipient?

There are better ways to share and log important documents with your teammates. In U Messenger, whenever you send a file in a chat room, the file will be archived in the “file drawer”, which includes files (such as .pdf, .ppt, .doc), images, videos or photo albums. All neatly stored in one place, no need to scroll or search through endless conversations in order to find the file you were looking for.


Interact With Your Team With More than Just Text Chat

Most IM providers create a muddled user experience, where the blending of work related conversation and day-to-day downtime discussions are too easily allowed to bleed into one long narrative. This can quickly turn into a productivity problem, and while downtime is certainly needed, you don’t need your IM service facilitating falling too far into the procrastination rut.

In U Messenger, this doesn’t happen. It is designed to keep each chat relevant and on-topic. Whether it be our polls feature, which allows the team to quickly visualize the most popular option or design for a project, or even restaurant for that days lunch. Or the forum feature, designed to cultivate deeper brainstorming sessions that keep their focus.

Add to this, U Messenger also allows users to draw annotations or leave comments on an image, which makes for an easy and intuitive experience when discussing an image design with team mates.

Check out a few snapshots below:


Flexibility To Choose Your Level of Real-time When Sending Messages

When is the best time to send a message? Or more importantly, when is the best time for your recipient(s) to read or receive your messages? While it is true that IM streamlines communications and prompts hasty responses, there needs to be flexibility when timing your messages most efficiently. This can be an especially grey area when messaging those cross time zone colleagues. Let’s face it, nobody wants to receive a barrage of alerts at 3 a.m. Nor do you want to be waiting to send messages at 3 a.m.

In U Messenger, there’s a unique “delay sending” feature, which allows users to set the most appropriate time when sending messages. For example, say you send a message to your co-worker who has 12 hours time difference, you can send something at 5 p.m your time, set the delay feature to send 9.00 p.m your time and your colleague will get that message 9 a.m their time. See, it’s all about the simplest solutions to the biggest problems.

Let’s Talk Face-to-Face!

Video chatting is one of the best ways to have a meeting with coworkers around the world. IM has drastically changed the way business is conducted and allows companies to save an unprecedented amount of money on travel expenses every year. You can now fire up your laptop in Los Angeles, chat with colleagues in Berlin, London and Taipei, screen share important project details or conduct a company wide video web conference, all in one place.

U Messenger is integrated with CyberLink’s U Meeting, so with all your contacts in one place already, you can start a high quality video call right straight from your U App. This can be everything from one-on-one call or inviting everyone in your chat group all at once – got a particularly big team? U Meeting supports up to 100 participants in a meeting room.