Three Steps to a Killer Webinar

Successfully executing a webinar can be immensely rewarding for both you and your organization. It allows you to have a productive, meaningful back and forth engagement with an audience willing to give you up to an hour of complete undivided attention.

If you want new leads, new customers and a treasure trove of continuous, meaningful content for your audience, make sure you’re ticking off these three essential before & after webinar tips.

1. Lock down the type of webinar you want to give and master each presentation style

There are many different ways to provide a webinar depending on the topic, audience, and product. There’s no best type of webinar, just webinar styles that are right for your goals and your audience. Remember, good webinar software like U Webinar will be built to compliment any style. Here’s a quick rundown of webinar styles and their distinct advantages.

The Lecture

Given by definite leaders within their field, the lecture format is perfect for cutting-edge educational webinars on broad topics to an already well-informed audience. These lectures are great as a series and are excellent candidates for pre-recorded content as there is less need for any audience interaction. Here’s an important stat to remember – just 16% of consumers prefer a live webinar. Most people who want to see your content will register to view it in their own time. Tailoring your webinars solely to those present at the live webinar could mean losing out on some opportunities to re-purpose material later. With U Webinar, you can record your webinar privately first and share it with your audience later on.

The Q&A
This style is about engaging your audience. You need to be a skilled moderator as your attendance in a Q&A can range – from those with little prior knowledge to key opinion leaders. The experienced moderator can get a feel for the room quickly and understand which questions need more – or less attention. This style is one of the richest for gathering market research.

The Workshop
This style dramatically emphasizes hands-on training, tutorials and product demonstrations. Within a workshop, you want to know your audience can grasp and replicate what you’re showing them. For example, if you’re a photo-editing software company, you might have a workshop webinar to show your audience how to get the most out of a new string of features. A deep understanding of your product and strong moderation and time-management skills are essential for workshops.

The Influencer Panel
What’s better than getting a group of thought leaders together in one place and having them discuss their field? While a Q&A session at the end is standard in these types of webinars, they are not for the most part audience-interactive. However, routinely getting influencers involved in your webinars transforms you into a thought leader yourself. And why wouldn’t it? You are providing your audience with some of the richest dialogues on a subject of their interest while affording them the opportunity of interaction with field experts.

2. Interact with your attendees beforehand

If you’re looking for a true audience-driven webinar experience, take the time to get your audience buzzed. Before the webinar, promote it in every way you can: emails, reminders, website and social media promotions. Using each channel available to you will drive more interest and more attendees. Getting users to register for your webinar is just one part of this process.

3. Re-purpose your webinar content

Once you’ve created your webinar, leverage your content. Think about ways you can mold your content into other materials. Think about a series of blog posts, sales sheets, FAQs, eBooks, and other data. Whatever genre of promotional material you need, an hour-long webinar can quickly be turned into far more.
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