The Revolutionary Coworking Space

The idea of coworking is becoming quite common among entrepreneurs, small companies, start-ups and freelancers in this current day-and-age. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses for these digital office warriors. Work-from-home professionals and freelancers may find themselves facing social isolation for hours (or even days) on-end while working on larger projects. At times, remote workers may feel incredibly disconnected from their employers because most of their time is spent relentlessly working alone. As a result, they can benefit from local coworking spaces that provide in-person social interactions with like-minded individuals.

Having noticed the benefits of such coworking environments some companies are paying their employees to work in such spaces. The combination of up-to-date technology, terrific business infrastructure and exposure to other start-ups is ideal for freelancers and remote workers looking to connect with others while working offsite. Not only will businesses benefit from having happier and more productive employees, but the coworking environment also gives people the ability to focus on their work or socialize on their terms. In fact, many coworking spaces have a lively social networking component for just this reason. They have coffee bars and comfortable areas to sit and talk, as well as scheduled events and meetups where members can socialize, network, gain new leads, and inspiration.

Coworking spaces are great as they provide the opportunity for people to work in a professional setting for a monthly fee. Often the workspace entails high-tech equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and relaxation areas – something you’d picture in a Google office.

Some coworking spaces even feature weekly figure-drawing classes for professionals wanting to get creative during their work hours – not to mention complimentary Internet access, private meeting rooms, lockers, gyms and even free beer (in Germany). It is believed that companies with less than 200 employees may not be able to afford such amenities as relaxation rooms, coffee lounges and, sushi-making classes. As a result, joining a coworking space gives you access to all these cool features.

Membership at one of these coworking spaces is comparable to an exclusive club for professionals because each contains its own unique atmosphere. For this reason, remote workers may prefer coworking spaces over regular offices or noisy cafés.

Ranging from country-themed workshops with wooden tables and hammocks to minimalist- spaces inspired by Scandinavian designers – there’s a space for everyone. As a result, offering membership at a coworking space may help attract and retain talent that might otherwise go to larger companies. Hence, it is also crucial for larger companies to stay in touch with their employees at these coworking spaces, i.e., via means of online video conferencing, instant messaging or live webinar apps.

According to the Harvard Business Review, coworking spaces help employees thrive because “there is little direct competition or internal politics,” hence people here don’t feel as if they have to put on an office persona because there’s a diverse group of people from different industries.

While remote workers benefit from flexible hours, no commute and full autonomy – there exist numerous challenges associated with demotivation, isolation, and loneliness. Based on research from Small Biz Labs, coworking spaces helps to combat loneliness as 89% of respondents noted that such spaces made them happier. A further 78% of respondents said coworking spaces helped them maintain their sanity. When done right, coworking can provide companies and remote workers with a much more engaging experience compared to a traditional office setting.

According to the 2017 Global Coworking Survey, there are about 13,800 coworking spaces around the world compared to 940 just five years ago. And combined with intuitive work solutions, employees and remote workers can stay connected with their employers and newly-acquainted associates at all times – try out U solutions the next time you’re at a coworking space.