Why Your Business Needs HD Video Conferencing

Video conferencing for sales, marketing and HR works so well because it makes the core things, such as building and maintaining professional relationships easier, cheaper and quicker. Whether those relationships are internal, through an efficient hiring process, or external and client-facing, video conferencing works.

However, just like in-person meetings, there are best practices and some extra considerations you should know to keep your sales calls productive, interview process smooth and get the most out of your video conference tools.

Let’s get started.

How Video Conferencing Boosts All Areas of Business

Have true to life conversations

First up, a sales call gets harder the further away you are from your audience. How is the person or people on the other line reacting? With HD video conferencing, the fact we can see facial expressions, body language, a flick of an eyebrow – or a roll of the eyes so clearly, says a ton on how we are performing in that specific moment – and if we’re overwhelming, confusing or worst of all – boring our audience.

Build strong connections, anywhere

Building and maintaining relationships with customers takes a lot of time. And whilst in-person meetings are still a necessity, HD video conferencing is the closest tool to replicate that reality, whilst offering an unrivaled, cost-effective way to strengthen key partnerships through a steady stream of communication wherever and whenever. Just think, how many times have you, or a colleague been out of the office ranging from something as simple as a lunch to a full weekend business trip? Point is, with almost half of us working remotely right now, there’s a huge chance we will be away from our desks. With video conferencing, if one of those must-take calls comes through, you are well equipped to take it. No lost business, communication is strengthened and everybody stays happy.

Give interactive product demos & introductions

People learn in different ways & video conferencing tools allow your more visual audiences to experience your product or service. Where video conferences shine though, lies within the ability to share as much extra materials as you want – such as videos, presentations, brochures, data and photos in real time. You want to keep the initial pitch as tight as possible and get into the two-way interaction as soon as you can. And the best video conferencing tools will allow your audience to manipulate, annotate and really delve into the core of what you’re offering.

Practical training of new hires

No new sales rep remembers much of that training video they were rushed through during orientation. In fact, research has shown that, at best, new hires will retain around 10% of what they learn during the entire on boarding phase if what they’re shown is not what they’ll practice. This is where video meeting, webinar and video-on-demand recording capabilities can smooth out the entire hiring, training and ongoing learning process efficiently for you, and effectively for your team.

Getting the most from your video conference tools

Not all video conferencing tools are created equal so when choosing a video conference service, you should consider the following:

Use a business-focused communication app

If everyone in your company is using a flurry of different consumer video conferencing services, how do you sync up? Consumer services don’t offer the same level of features that business solutions do. Consumer apps don’t allow for full organizational management, team member management, and content management, with unrivaled audio, HD video and in-app features. With a U account you get full control and organization of your communication and content for both yourself and your team.

Use an app that is simple

Research has shown that a majority of office workers feel traditional video conferencing apps are too difficult to use efficiently; making it no surprise that web and browser based conferencing apps like U Meeting are popular. With browser-based, everyone is quickly and easily connected, rather than fiddling with tons of different apps, sign up pages and plugins. It means getting team meetings, interviews and sales pitches started on time, with no fuss.

Use a video conferencing app rich in features

UMeeting is about browser based meetings, with unmatched audio and HD video, with no dropped calls. It ensures high quality video conferencing, whilst making it as easy as possible for people to join, so you can get productive fast. There are no downloads, registrations or complicated dial-in numbers required. A simple click will instantly usher you into your meeting. UMeeting also works with your current Outlook and Google Calendar scheduling system so you’re always up to speed.

Overall, video conferencing platforms (especially HD online meetings) create an engaging and compelling experience for viewers. Plus, research has been indicating that by 2019 almost half of businesses will be using video conference apps as a one of the main ways to increase all-round engagement.

Here’s how you could engage with U. Plus, here are a couple of simple and effective video call tips you should learn if you want to make the video meeting look great too.