Improving Your Team Communication with Technology

There’s no denying that technology is prevalent in the modern-day office. With numerous messaging, broadcasting and video conferencing apps available for the workplace – team communication has never been easier. Unfortunately, many firms still rely on outdated forms of communication (long-distance calls, emails and even fax machines in some cases!). It is time to realize that technology not only makes online communication more manageable, but it is also much more cost-effective in the long term.

Implementing modern tools in the workplace leads to increased efficiency and productivity for the business. Here are four reasons why:


1. Boost Organizational Communication

Technology changes the way workers interact and exchange information with each other.  Investing in new office technology systems will help to streamline both internal and external communication, keeping everyone in the loop at all times. For example, workers from different departments in a company can use messaging services or video conferencing tools to quickly share information. Also, modern virtual communication tools also feature screen sharing functions to help facilitate group discussions in the workplace.

With computers replacing typewriters and emails replacing faxes, CyberLink’s U does a good job in replacing traditional video conferencing apps with outstanding call-quality, easy scheduling, instant messaging and practical screen-sharing features.


2. Save time and effort

Businesses beat their competitors by being able to respond to data, make informed decisions and adapt to changes quickly. With new office technology, companies can speed up their workflow processes, giving employees more time to focus on important tasks. From this perspective, employees are able to communicate much more quickly and efficiently, allowing tedious tasks to be outsourced or delegated within milliseconds after sending a message.

As a result, the effort it takes to run a global business is greatly reduced when you use an instant messaging app like U Messenger, which allows drag ’n’ drop file sharing, group messages and professional stickers for the workplace.

U Messenger


3. Improve Interaction

As online team communication becomes commonplace in the workplace, virtual chat rooms let people hold meetings and discussions without having to be there in person. This provides greater flexibility when it comes to working in different time zones and remote workers.

The success of video conferencing apps is now prevalent in the office environment – a key example being U Meeting. With the ability to host up to a hundred participants for multiple hours on end, this online meeting platform is unparalleled in terms of audio and video quality, ensuring you the ability to communicate with your peers wherever you are.


4. Reach a larger audience

The end-goal for most businesses is to promote their products to a larger audience – and the easiest way to do this is by going viral online. Since a large part of online communication is done on social media, businesses can use professional broadcasting apps to share viewable links on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more.

U Webinar provides a powerful way to connect with your online audience, allowing you to hold live presentations, pre-record webinars and schedule a broadcast ahead of time. The most striking aspect of this broadcasting platform is that it provides better audience engagement through custom URLs and a professional interface.

Try These Apps Today on U

U solutions greatly reduce the IT expense for business. For corporate users, no matter if you attend a meeting or host a live webinar, it won’t take much time to learn how to use. Everyone can use U for their needs right away.

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