5 Ways to Host an Effective Video Meeting

Remote working has changed our morning routine (and for the better, we’d say). Before, the only way to start a work day was by frantically throwing a cup of coffee down our throats, grabbing our keys and driving to the office, all whilst praying not to hit that traffic again. Or we could choose to brave the early morning subway tussle – the dreaded hour that sees us crammed in, with no seat, starting-stopping-changing lines, getting knocked into, pushed past & of course, for it then to happen all over again once work is done for the day.

These aren’t two of the most pleasant experiences the morning before a long work day, or an early 8am meeting are they? It’s no wonder then why the trend of remote working has spiked massively. People can now start their day at a healthier & relaxed pace, have a little extra time to fuel themselves with a real breakfast, or head over to a local coffee shop for that extra special brew, ambience and thinking time.

At the very stripped down level, an office is 4 walls where people who want to achieve a similar goal get together to decide how that is going to happen. That’s it. From an article released by HubSpot back in 2014, it showed there are 25 million meetings per day in the U.S, of which $37 billion per year was wasted on unproductive meetings. It makes sense really – would you be at your most productive, clear-headed and all-round best after an hour on the subway, or an extra hour of clarity?

Meetings still play an important role in today’s workspace, whether working fixed or remote.  Now with the help of web video meetings, people no longer have to get together in the same physical room every time. Instead, anyone can join an online meeting in a virtual meeting room – whenever they want and wherever they are, giving an unprecedented amount of flexibility & practicality for any business & unlocking a ton of unprecedented opportunities.

Excited yet? Ready to host your next video call over brunch at Starbucks? At Cyberlink, we know a thing or two about web meetings, so here are 5 tips to consider the next time you want to host a more effective video meeting:

1. Schedule & Sync

Get your participants booked in early – In any meeting an advanced schedule is paramount and online video meetings don’t change that.  Everyone now heavily relies on calendars, whether they use Outlook or Google, to book meetings so make sure participants are available during the allocated time. This also assures you stay synced on your notebook or mobile devices.

This means when choosing a video meeting solution, make sure it can be integrated to your Outlook or Google Calendar. With CyberLink U Meeting, after you schedule a meeting, you can send the meeting invitation to any calendar with a single click. No, fuss, hassle or confusion. Plus, it’s going to save you a ton of time versus the tedious task of creating each meeting from scratch.

U Meeting - book a meeting

2.  Make sure your invitees can join meetings effortlessly

A drawback to some video meeting apps is the time spent setting it up in the first place.  Most video call solutions today require a longer process than needed – such as client software or a plug-in from the participant’s side. For example, Skype for Business will make your invitees have to spend their extra time installing a plug-in before joining. This causes delays in meetings with a needless step of extra effort required for both parties.

Thanks to Google’s WebRTC (Web real-time communication), an open API supported out-of-the-box in Google Chrome, web applications are allowed to engage in direct video calls & video chats without the need of any burdensome desktop or mobile applications, add-ons and plug-ins. A recently released article by PC Magazine, caught on to this trend, stating WebRTC will be a revolution in collaboration in the workplace.

CyberLink U Meeting is a WebRTC-based video meeting solution, which allows users to join a meeting via Chrome without the need of installing any other software or plug-ins. No wasted time, no device plug-in incompatibility. No late meetings. No lost productivity. Now that 9:00am meeting will really start at 9:00am.

3. Make sure you choose cross-device & cross-platform support

With powerful mobile devices & the cloud people no longer rely solely on their laptop to handle their day-to-day work. The major devices that businesses use can vary from Windows or Mac notebooks to iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. Quite simply, what this means is, cross-platform optimization is essential.

CyberLink U Meeting supports multiple OS, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. So you needn’t worry about what your invitees device is, or worry whether it is optimized or compatible. Whatever device they are using, they can join the video meeting from their end and experience top-tier quality video calls.

4. You need quality & stability

The robot voice, the face distortion, the dreaded dropped call sound, the constant back and forth of “Can you hear me?” “Hello?” & “Can you hear me, now?” are things nightmares are made of. It looks unprofessional, it’s terribly frustrating & can lead to a huge amount of missed business opportunities. When choosing a video meeting solution, it really does reflect on you. So you need give yourself the best audio quality, video quality and the strongest stability.

5. Go 360 degrees with interaction – Don’t forget to screen share & text chat

Video calls are about having the flexibility of getting a range of information out there to your recipients. So a lot of the time you’ll need to share things like your PowerPoint presentation, webpage, app or video.

CyberLink U Meeting allows users to share screens or specific windows like Word docs or PowerPoint decks. This is all at a completely lag-free 30fps. Plus, with the integration of CyberLink U Messenger you can easily share a document or text messages during or after a video call.