5 Ways to Deliver an Engaging Webinar and Online Presentation

The webinar is an import tool for marketing, sales and training that is widely used for everything from remote conferencing, distance learning to employee training and investor meetings. Now, it can be found completely changing the architecture of modern businesses and for good reason too – because  at the very core an internal or external webinar strategy (or both) massively enhances one of the cornerstones of effective business management – productivity

For marketers it provides a novel, exciting and interactive communications avenue in delivering specific messages to any target audience. For sales, webinars give the advantage of reaching tons more customers without bind, reducing the cost, and time commitments of having to travel to different locations.

For education and training, webinars can be converted and utilized in different ways for longer-lasting benefits. For example, a professor who creates a video-on-demand (VOD) series will save a huge amount of time in the preparation and delivery of lectures, seminars & full syllabus’ all wrapped up in an easy, professional & neat UX so that students, trainees and peers can watch, re-watch, comment & stay involved regardless of location.

This is the magic – no matter what profession or industry you are in the practicalities of implementing an internal-employee focused, or external-client, consumer or customer focused webinar strategy will be the same – It’s massively cost-effective, time-effective & the single tool that emulates (and in many cases enhances) the all-important face-to-face experience best.

Here’s 5 tips on how to make sure your next webinar hits all the right notes & how Cyberlink U Webinar will expedite that process:

1. Get your materials organized

As a presenter you will need to share your computer desktop to the audience when showing a web page, video or a software demonstration. Thing is, when having a PowerPoint file open, you will need to exit the PowerPoint and launch the other program to continue with your demonstration. If we’re honest, this looks fuddled and messy – and gives the audience too much opportunity to zone out. Not to mention, some webinars have had rather embarrassing moments when an audience have had perhaps a glimpse too far into the desktop of a presenter switching from slide to app.

CyberLink U Webinar provides a PowerPoint-like interface for presenters to switch between slides, combine webcam video in several different layouts (PiP, side-by-side or full screen) – and provides a one-click button to switch between slides and desktop seamlessly. No more mess, no more embarrassing hiccups.

2. Schedule an event with your audience

You might have a perfect webinar, stuffed with great content ready to go. Thing is, if a tree falls and nobody is around, does it make a noise? Just as important as the webinar itself is having the support to make sure your invitation gets out there and gets seen.

CyberLink U Webinar provides a super-simple way for the presenter to pre-arrange webinar schedules and send attractive and easy invitations in advance. It also allows users to join from all types of mobile devices (iOS/Android) or PC (Windows/Mac) with U App. Or, if in a rush, audiences can also join the webinar via their browser by simply clicking on the webinar link.

Schedule a U webinar

3. Interact with your audience

The fun of a webinar is the real-time interaction between audience and presenter. Of course, the best and most practical way to interact at the time of presenting is sending messages via text chat – as this doesn’t stop the flow of the presentation.

Thing is, latency delays can really make the presentation go awry. Especially when again, it is the real-time aspect of webinars that make them so powerful. For example, if we use YouTube for live streaming, there is a 30 second delay. If an audience member has a question, types it and sends it, the presenter will see it late and reply late – making it too much of an awkward and sluggish one-way communication channel.

CyberLink U Webinar has a broadcasting delay of 3 seconds, which, in real-terms is practically zero delay. This means more conversations, a true real time experience, and no awkward interruptions.

4. Pre-record the bulk of your webinar

Sometimes, presenters need to repeat the same course, this is one of the many benefits of webinars on productivity and effective time management. Of course, there might be some tiny differences in each presentation, such as the date of the event. Practically speaking though, it would be silly to repeat your webinar again and again for such minor tweaks. Having the main body pre-recorded frees up more time for the presenter to interact with the audience and answer questions straight away. Only having to then introduce, or close the webinar out.

CyberLink U Webinar provides this exact feature. Simply pre-record any presentation, while maintaining the flexibility to modify even a single slide, a re-recorded voice, or new annotations. After the pre-recorded webinar is completed you can use the recorded project for any future live casting events. All you need to do then is roll the record, wait for the questions to stream in & get those conversations flowing.

Pre-record webinars

5. Have your video-on-demand strategy ready

Don’t let your work get lost in time. Potential viewers might miss your live presentation, or perhaps they got a text during a key part. Unlike physical presentations, we can’t control random occurrences. What we can do however, is give them the opportunities to re-visit and reference any part of the webinar at any point they wish.

CyberLink U Webinar provides a video-on-demand feature, archiving the live stream course and allowing users to re-watch the course at a more suitable time for them. One of the greatest things about U Webinar’s video-on-demand service is, when live streaming, U Webinar will auto create an indexing list by PowerPoint slides automatically, so that users can use the indexing to quickly search the part they want to re-watch or continue watching.

U webinar indexing

Oh and here is another bonus: You can upload the video to any other service, such as YouTube or a targeted eLearning service in full HD.